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Pietra Elite

Pietra Elite : the only one CE certified natural cladding stone, which passes from generation to generation.
“Precious values should not be kept for people`s own, they should be kept safe and passed down from father to son”
Since always Pietra Elite believes that quality is the best guarantee to offer. Unique products, for style and design, born following the highest quality and production standards: selected natural ingredients and carefully blended to create infinite shapes and colors that add new light and value to your home. Years of research and testing have enabled us to offer a unique product, healthy and able to meet any kind of requirement aesthetic, suitable for any application for interior and exterior.
Resistant to weather, UV rays, air pollution and frost proof, Pietra Etile creations can be applied everywhere, such as showers, kitchens, saunas and spa. Tradizionale, Mattoncino, Contemporanea, Exclusive, Brillio, Diamond, Unique, Easystone e Pietracolore: each Pietra Elite collection is handmade and CE certified, thanks to the co-operation with the Politecnico of Milano and the Engineering Department of Brescia University. Products guarantee 100 years! Nobody else offers so much, proud to offer this cause our customers deserve so much. Made in Italy production, with a big stock availability, because time is priceless including a dedicated service to guarantee fast deliveries and technical assistance wherever needed. 100 years characterize the history but not Pietra Elite creations.

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