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Gani Keramiek


Our aim is to produce products which will be even better, than real marble.
To do so, it will be important focusing on an artistic application of our products as art is the only way to justify any special
feature, or difference that may exist with real marble. Art is complementary to luxury, an environment could never be really luxurious without an artistic feeling in it.


Technology is one of the most important aspects in the product quality. A high end product must be a high quality product, and high quality is achieved thanks to high technology developments. Our clients, entering in any of our showroom, booth, or attending one of our event, should immediately feel that GANI is the leader in technology. In our projects and design we should include some high tech devices, but we should also communicate this high tech feeling through the design itself, using interactive design and architectonical elements like light stripes and reflections of materials.